ESL Electonic Shelf Label

Electronic label systems (ESL) are commonly used to display product information on shelves in large-scale distribution. Logistics warehouses increasingly apply them to facilitate the updating of information on each location and to reduce the costs of printing labels. Each ESL is connected in wireless mode.

ESL labels use E-paper displays to display information as this provides a sharp image and supports the graphic image.

A communication network allows you to automatically update the display information. This communication network is the strength of this technology and must guarantee range, speed, battery life and reliability over time.

Wireless means of communication are generally based on radio or infrared communication. As for the ESL label versions, the types used are Short Range Battery Less versions with NFC communication, Long Range with radio UHF or infrared communication.

Currently, the ESL label market is growing strongly and relies heavily on solutions with integrated radio frequency communication with computer systems (Middleware CONNECT platform).