Voice picking is one of the most widely used technologies in the logistics sector and in all those environments where it is necessary for the computer instructions for the picking sequence to be translated into voice commands. In this way, the operator can communicate directly with the warehouse management system, without the intervention of intermediaries.

The warehouse operator interacts with the management system via a headset and microphone connected to the terminal on the belt, so that he always has his hands free from documents and can carry out all picking operations more comfortably. As many case histories have shown, voice picking reduces costs and operating times and does not require operators to be trained to use it, because it is the system that adapts to the language of those who use it.

Voice picking is not only widely used for warehouse picking, but is also used in other areas and processes, such as cross docking, pick and pack, receipt of goods, put-away and cycle count.

FasThink guarantees the connectivity and integration of the Voice picking devices to the computer systems through the Middleware CONNECT platform.