One of the most effective and "just in time" technologies for replenishing stocks, as they run out, is the e-Kanban. The word kanban refers to the type of material used for a process and is placed on a container, which is filled once empty, to prevent the flow from stopping or that stock accumulates, with the related costs.
Kanban labels represent the number of containers that move between the area of the supplier and that of the user. The e-Kanban sensor allows you to keep the operating model of the kanban system unchanged.
The difference is that the information for the stock replenishment is automatically sent to the management system through a radio frequency transceiver with LoRa technology and protocol, which conveys information at a considerable distance with very low power consumption.

The e-Kanban sensor looks like a limit switch for industrial use; it is untiring and does not need any wiring. It is usually mounted on the drop roller conveyors where the containers for the pick-up of the items are located. When an empty container is removed from the roller conveyor, the sensor detects its status and informs the computer system of the request to supply the missing items or, alternatively, the operator in charge of replenishment or the supplier.

FasThink designed the e-Kanban sensor with the aim of improving supply management of production lines, particularly in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, and to help companies make their supply chain more efficient. It reduces errors and delays in picking operations for the creation of assembly kits. The e-Kanban sensor can be easily integrated through the Middlware Connect platform, which is able to collect statistical management data connected to the existing management systems.