The evolution of picking processes in managing items

In order to improve and optimize the picking processes, FasThink stands as a reference company for the proposal of Pick To Light solutions both with wired bus communication and with wireless communication.

Wired Pick To Light systems have been available on the market for a long time and are widely used in the preparation of production kits in the automotive, e-Commerce and manufacturing sectors, but the introduction of the wireless system by FasThink has made applications more flexible and easier to manage for the user.

Thanks to a great experience in the field, we are able to offer wireless or wired Pick To Light systems integrated in the CONNECT platform, which transform the picking and production processes, reduce wastefulness, improve speed and accuracy and ensure integration with the existing IT systems.

Wireless Pick To Light System

The wireless version Pick-to-Light (P2Light) has significant advantages over the wired solution thanks to the bidirectional radio frequency communication that simplifies the integration and installation of the system, with no wiring costs.

This solution is particularly suitable for e-commerce logistics applications where speed and precision in the picking phases of the items are fundamental requirements for maximum efficiency in the picking processes. In addition, the system offers great flexibility as it is possible to modify the positioning of the Pick To Light buttons positioned on each location without structural changes in wiring and without the technical support of specialized installers.

P2Light has a Master antenna that can wirelessly manage up to 400 light buttons available in different versions to best meet customer's needs such as operator call, product call, electronic Kanban, and the Put To Light and Pick To Open systems. Through the CONNECT platform it is possible to create the product-location-button association in a very simple and quick way, monitor the system in real time through the diagnostic application and enable data exchange with the management system according to operational requirements.

With the CONNECT platform it is also possible to integrate additional optional peripherals of the Pick To Light system such as Electronic Shelf Labels as well as identification technologies such as RFID, Barcode, Solutions with mobile terminals and more.

Wired Pick To Light System

The wired system's operating modes are similar to the wireless version except that each button located on each location must be wired via a bus for data communication and power supply.
The choice of wired or wireless solution depends on the customer's needs, the operating modes and the flexibility required.


  • Lean manufacturing
  • Product collection logistics
  • Electronic Kanban
  • Product call-up
  • Operator call
  • Production kit assembly


  • Wireless P2Light: zero wiring costs
  • Wireless P2Light: easy installation and integration
  • Significant reduction of mistakes and increase in productivity
  • Simultaneous management by several operators
  • Paper savings
  • Easy integration with ERP, WMS, MES systems...