It is very useful to keep track of the inbound and outbound movement of goods in a production plant, warehouse or distribution center. To meet this need, we developed the application software Yard Management. Yard Management offers real-time information on the position of vehicles on site and allows you to drive and track vehicles to optimize times and routes for loading and unloading of goods. Fasthink's YMS version interfaces with WMS warehouse management systems or with TMS transport systems; at the site entrance, the operator driving the vehicle is given a Smart Badge that allows real-time communication of information relating to the movement of the vehicle within the area. As an option, RFID tags and RFID systems can be used for fast and accurate tracking.


  • Information in advance for incoming vehicles
  • Assignment of a compatible entry gate to the vehicle
  • Reduction of waiting times for vehicles
  • Monitoring of vehicle movements within the area
  • Report for waiting times of vehicles within the area
  • Integration with WMS, TMS systems