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FasThink: from Factory Automation to Smart Factory 4.0, integrating the PLC!

In Industrial Automation, especially in SMEs, PLC technology is the most popular field option for a wide range of applications, becoming a standard that is difficult to do without.

Thanks to increasingly intuitive and flexible programming, more memory and an ever-more compact design, the PLC has become very popular, especially in the field of Factory Automation.
Automation provides optimal conditions for PLC programming, such as high connection speed and wireless functionality built into devices. PLC technologies are useful for monitoring and controlling distributed server/multi-user applications, providing a complete and accurate overview of operations and meeting the demands of multiple areas.
These include production processes, maintenance, engineering and operations to and from management systems (ERP, MES and WMS).


  • Connect Orchestrator harmonises communication between management systems and PLC technology
  • Capitalises on systems in use
  • Orchestrates and simplifies the entire process
  • Integrates Systems and Technologies
  • Simple, delivers high performance, and reduces time, errors and management costs
  • Scalable and modular web architecture
  • Data exchange via OPC UA, DB, MQTT protocols
  • Cyber-security compliant


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