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FasThink offers safe and reliable access to the world of mobile robots

AMR Autonomous Mobile Robots, AGVs, Collaborative Robots: in a by-now consolidated evolutionary model, Industry 4.0 sees the figure of the Mobile Robots as functional to increasingly rapid and fluid interaction between logistics and manufacturing departments

As a certified solution provider, FasThink guides and harmonises the integration of Mobile Robots within the Industry 4.0 model for the ERP, MES, MOM, WMS management systems.
The Connect Orchestrator platform in the “MRC” version, developed by FasThink R&D specifically for the integration and orchestration of Mobile Robots, AGVs and Collaborative Robots, is fully capable of handling a range of technologies, such as proprietary Pick2Light and e-Kanban sensor systems which are usually synchronised in a Manufacturing & Logistics environment, for example with the MRC (Mobile Robot Control) module.
FasThink chose the AMR Autonomous Mobile Robots for this particular application as they represent a breakthrough in the optimisation of manufacturing and logistics activities. Integrated with FasThink’s proprietary Pick2Light and e-Kanban sensor systems, they allow to increase productivity, eliminate errors and improve material traceability, while allowing staff to focus on more complex tasks.
In addition, unlike traditional AGVs, AMR mobile robots “navigate” by using existing system functionality, without the need for costly modifications. Ideal for SMEs.



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